Here is a follow up to Petals of Hope & Remembering: "Petals of Hope”: Artwork, made in response to the bomb in Omagh in 1998 and follow up fifteen years later, in 2013.

Two years ago, I was invited by John Paul Lederach and Scott Appleby to meet with a group of people for some significant conversations, based on the themes around the nexus of compassion, spirituality and creativity in trauma and peacebuilding. We felt that the conversations and case studies between this collective of artists, poets, musicians, writers, contemplatives and neuroscientists might interest others, so we gathered and made them into a format, so that we could share them. This work was made possible by the support of the Fetzer Institute

I’d like to invite you to visit our website to listen and watch the stories which explain how our practice addresses these themes. Both phases of the "Petals of Hope" experience are included.

Link to site:

Please feel free to forward this link to others who might be interested in the stories.